My life (a work in progress)

Lets just say I have been blessed. Born into a great family, I grew up in a peaceful sea-side town on the Atlantic. When I wasn't going to school or playing Nintendo, my brother and I would atttempt to take over the world from our back yard. I was always learning, my mother tried to take us out and make sure we knew about the outdoors, and my dad made sure we knew how to throw a football. My grandparents were all a great influence in my life, especially my Nana, whose patience and kindness has always inspired me.

When I grew older, I attended Mainland High School is Daytona Beach. This is about the time I started running, joing the cross country team, and starting a hobby that I enjoy to this day. High school passed quickly, and before I knew it, it was off to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida. Being a gator is a unique experience.

These days I live in Boston. Working as a Web designer for Abt Associates in Cambridge, MA. My life is still blessed, I have wonderful friends and a loving girlfriend. I have the pleasure of running around Fresh Pond, and I enjoy my job.