The Code Behind My Gallery

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A jQuery based, PHP enabled, image resizing Gallery. This was a good opportunity for me to look at how to combine jQuery, PHP, and a little bit of lazyness in order to create a photo gallery for my Web site.


Trent Foley for his Gallerific Gallery
Joe Dolson for his Easy PHP Photo Gallery
Eric Juden for his Image Resize jQuery Code

Google Map XML Mashup of My Adventures

View Explanation of Code | Google Adventure Map

Google Maps and XML are combined to help me create a map of my life adventures. This page is a work in progress.


Based on the tutorial by Eric Pimpler of GeoChalkboard

Google Visualization of Running Times Around Fresh Pond

View Explanation of Code | Fresh Pond Running Times

One of the great pleasures of working at Abt Associates is its proximity to Fresh Pond. Several times a week, I take time out of my day to punish my co-workers over 5 miles of pond side excitement. This page takes advantage of the Google Visualization API to show the blazing speed with which we conquer the pond.


Google, you know, the company that will soon take over the world. I love Big Brother.